Holokai Curriculum


BYU-Hawaii offers majors, minors and certificates in three categories: Arts & Humanities, Math & Sciences, and Professional Studies. In order to earn a BYU-Hawaii degree, students must complete 120 credits and a combination of 1 major from 1 category and 2 minors/certificates (or additional majors if they fit within the 4-year allotment) from each of the remaining categories. The responsibility rests with the students to see that their programs of study satisfy all the requirements for graduation listed in the catalog. Advisors and other members of the faculty and staff will assist in any way possible.
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Core Classes + Major and 2 minors/certificates in 3 different areas (Breadth & Depth) + Religious Education = BYU-H Degree

Core Classes

Mathematics Requirement-Quantitative and Logical Reasoning (3-5 credit hours)
The math requirement can be completed by taking one of the following:

Statistics: MATH 121, BIOL 340, PSYC 205, POSC 300 & POSC 304, or EXS 339
Calculus: MATH 212, MATH 213, or MATH 119.
Trigonometry: MATH 111
Quantitative Reasoning: MATH 107
Discrete Mathematics: CIS 205 & 205L
Reading/Writing/Speaking (6 credit hours)
ENGL 101 Communication in Writing, Speaking, and Reading (3)
Advanced Writing (3 credit hours) The advanced writing requirement can be completed by taking one of the following:
ENGL 314 Exposition and Analysis in the Humanities (3) or ENGL 315 Topics for Advanced Writing and Analysis (3) or ENGL 316 Technical Writing (3)
Approved Senior Seminar in the major: CHEM 494, HIST 490, CS 491-493, IT 491-493

Religious Education (8-14 credit hours depending on Transfer credits, if applicable) 

REL 200 The Eternal Family
REL 225 Foundations of the Restoration
REL 250 Jesus Christ and the Everlasting Gospel
REL 275 The Teachings and Doctrine of the Book of Mormon (OR REL 121 + REL 122)
+ 3 Religion electives (one of which must be a scripture course)
Holokai Requirements for Students transferring with an Associate’s Degree
Students who transfer with an Associate degree from an accredited college or university, not including Associate of Applied Science, will be required to complete:

A major
The four CORE Religion courses and residency Religion requirements
Advanced Writing - English 315
Students with an Associate of Applied Science must complete the full Holokai program. Students should see an advisor for any possible transfer equivalencies.